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Our Services

At Mind Station we provide a variety of services that are personalised to your family and we recommend you book a discovery call to find out more


The Explorer Programme
( 7-12 years )

We help 7-12 year olds move from fear to courage, through our tailored coaching programme that empowers you as a parent to connect with your child on a deeper level. 

  • An online 3 month 1:1 programme

  • 12 x child coaching sessions

  • 90 minute parent strategy call

  • 5 x parent coaching sessions

  • 1 hour weekly sessions

  • Highly qualified coaches & teachers

  • The 5c Method

  • Comprehensive weekly feedback

  • Mind skills progress maps

  • Parent & child home toolkits

  • Parent whatsapp group


Total investment: £1800

There is the option to explore three or four month payment plans.


What is your 5c Method?

At Mind Station, we believe there are five key pillars to self confidence & these are embedded into EVERYTHING we do and deliver.



We help develop your child's cognitive awareness through our loveable, fun cartoon brain team.


We inspire curious questioning by empowering your child to think for themselves.


We foster deeper family connections by providing you with actionable challenges & coaching questions each week to try out at home.


We encourage self expression by motivating children to come up with their own creative ideas and tools each week.


We help your child to try new things, face current fears and become a lifelong courageous problem solver.


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