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Meet the Team

Meet Chloe, a qualified coach and certified primary school teacher. Chloe will be supporting your child throughout their mind station journey. 



Founder & Coach

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Hello, I am Chloë, a passionate teacher, and coach, who loves working with children from all around the world. I am originally from London but have extensive experience working with children, overseas in both primary teaching & coaching. I am now on a mission to help children to grow in confidence and to believe in themselves more.


My lively coaching style incorporates enthusiasm, encouragement, empathy & creativity. I use open-ended questions to empower a child’s independent thinking to inspire them to come up with their own lightbulb moments.

I started this venture to help children and parents to understand their own minds. Reflecting back on my own school experience, I never understood myself as an individual and we weren’t given the tools or strategies to thrive. Parents, I’m sure we can all relate here to some degree and wish we knew what was going on in our own heads! When people ask questions about my mission, I am blown away with the same response; “I wish I had this when I was a child”. 


In my teaching career, I have witnessed countless examples where children have struggled with negative thought patterns, low self-esteem, fixed mindsets and big worries. Nothing has changed since we were children. This highlights to us all the pertinence of social & emotional platforms and we can start making the change together, today!


Mind Station is a place for children to celebrate their unique strengths, learn about themselves and grow as confident & empowered life learners. Once we understand ourselves better, we can do anything we put our mind too.

What Our Clients Say

About Chloë

Chloe’s manner of coaching  is so wonderful and refreshing! She’s patient and supportive, but really knows how to motivate Louise. She’s great at building confidence, keeping lessons fun and engaging through a variety of activities that improve conversation, writing, and reading skills. My daughter really enjoys spending time with Chloe. Many thanks!


Chloe is providing great support to my two children with the coaching to increase their confidence in a very clever way. She explains really well, shares great techniques and provides good material to work on every week for my children to continue to be challenged and develop their independence, creativity and confidence.


We met Chloe when Maya had just started her home education journey back in September. Through her past schooling experiences, she had developed anxiety and lost a lot of confidence in herself. Chloe has been instrumental in regaining her happiness and her anxiety has dropped significantly. She’s much happier, understands herself and has higher levels of self awareness. Maya really looks forward to the sessions each week and the weekly coaching uses a holistic approach to address her current challenges. We are very grateful to have met her and for her continuous support.


Chloe has worked with our daughter for over 6 months.  She has successfully identified and is closing our daughter’s knowledge gaps by teaching a valuable tool box of strategies to approach school with confidence.  Chloe has also helped our daughter to become more self aware when tackling problems, to recognise if her brain is stressed and how to re-focus. Chloe is a very warm and engaging person and built rapport with our daughter immediately, who really looks forward to the sessions and says Chloe "is fun and kind and has helped her a lot".