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Meet the Founder

Meet Chloë, the brilliant mind behind Mind Station, who, as a qualified coach and certified primary school teacher, is dedicated to supporting your child throughout their self confidence journey.



Founder & Mindset Coach

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Hello, I'm the founder, deeply committed to helping individuals overcome self-doubt and build strong self-confidence.


My journey began in a classroom where I faced challenges - overthinking, comparing myself to others, worrying, and feeling like I was constantly failing. Beneath it all was an ADHD diagnosis that I didn't even realise I had until I turned 30 this year. Eager to understand my struggles and low self-esteem better, I embarked on a personal development journey to find answers. For me, the pressure of exams led to even more anxiety, particularly during secondary school and university. Through this, I realised that success wasn't solely about performing well on tests! As I grew more intrigued by human thought and behaviour, I explored cognitive behavioural therapy, which helped me shift from anxiety to finding greater courage & self awareness.


During my career working as a teacher, in various parts of the world, I witnessed children struggling with the same challenges that I faced in school. This experience sparked a strong desire within me to guide young minds in understanding their emotions better, conquering limiting mindsets, shifting perspectives, and realising their true potential. I am particularly driven by a passion to empower Neurodivergent individuals, helping them flourish and overcome the hurdles they encounter within the existing education system.


The events of 2020, including the lockdown, inspired me to create Mind Station Coaching. It was launched in June 2021 , as a mission driven company, with the intention of making a positive contribution and impact to our world. My approach, which combines coaching, positive psychology, neuroscience, and teaching methods, aims to support both children and parents as they navigate their personal growth journey to new found confidence. 

Today, my impact extends across four countries & together, we can create a lasting difference.

What Our Clients Say


Will has noticeably grown in confidence since knowing Chloe. It’s also been so special for him having one on one time with someone to chat about feelings and day to day things. He needed to feel heard and Chloe has supported him hugely in this. So glad we met Chloe! Such a gem.

Parent of 5 year old, London

Mind Station has been fantastic for both my of my daughters, not only did they enjoy the sessions and learn all about their brains, but their confidence, compassion and understanding of themselves has increased massively.

Parent of 8 & 10 year old, Switzerland

The impact Chloe has had on Oliver has been phenomenal. She has given him tools to manage his emotions and anxiety and his confidence is so much higher. I can't thank Chloe enough for the impact she has had on Oliver. 

Parent of 11 year old, London

Libby has gained so much - both the tangible things that we set out as goals, and also softer things that are harder to identify but are apparent in how she holds herself and how she regards things that have challenged her in the past. Chloe has been wonderful in how she has worked with Libby, encouraging and supporting her to take on new ideas but also, just as importantly, listening and validating her existing views and thoughts. Libby is a happier, more confident and able little girl and it is just fantastic to see this gradual transformation.

Parent of 9 year old, Yorkshire



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