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Meet the Team

Meet Chloë, a qualified coach and certified primary school teacher. Chloe will be supporting your child throughout their mind station journey. 



Founder, Coach & Primary Teacher

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Hello, I am Chloë, a qualified coach ( & teacher) who loves working with children from all around the world. I believe every child should have the opportunity to understand their own minds and grow in both self-awareness and confidence. I provide children with a toolbox of life long emotional intelligence skills to help them navigate primary, secondary school and adulthood.

I started this venture because reflecting back on my own school experience, we weren’t given the tools or strategies to thrive and understand ourselves as individuals. I’m sure we can all relate here and unanimously wish we had comprehended what was going on in our own heads. Prior to setting up my coaching business, I used to be a primary teacher both in the UK and overseas in Swiss international schools. From my experiences, I have witnessed countless examples where children struggled with their confidence, mindsets and worries.

During lockdown 2020, I decided I wanted to help coach children to believe in themselves and unlock their potential! So, I decided to embark on a coaching diploma alongside teaching. During my studies, I was reading a mindset book and a quote stopped me in my tracks, quite literally. It said ‘your thoughts can run off like a runaway stream train “and this instantly created lightbulb moments in my own mind. Questions swirled around my head:


What if there was a creative world for children to explore themselves?

What if we had inner cheerleaders inside our minds?

What if children had their own team of brain coaches?


From then on, my ideas grew and Mind Station Coaching was soon after born.

Mind station is a creative coaching platform where children can learn about themselves, celebrate who they are and become independent problem solvers! Emotional intelligence is such a crucial life skill that we desperately need in adulthood and children can hugely benefit from being coached around them in the primary years. It is so important to prepare children for tomorrow’s world and as a result, we will have more resilient, empathetic team players and courageous future leaders!

Mind Station’s services are delivered 1:1 in an online setting, and I offer a variety of different services. Using child friendly narratives, creative mediums and my cartoon “Brain Team”, I help children to think for themselves and grow in confidence!.

I strongly believe that once we understand ourselves better, we can do anything we put our mind too.

What Our Clients Say


Will has noticeably grown in confidence since knowing Chloe. It’s also been so special for him having one on one time with someone to chat about feelings and day to day things. He needed to feel heard and Chloe has supported him hugely in this. So glad we met Chloe! Such a gem. Parent of Year 1 Child, London

Chloe’s manner of coaching  is so wonderful and refreshing! She’s patient and supportive, but really knows how to motivate Louise. She’s great at building confidence, keeping lessons fun and engaging through a variety of activities that improve conversation, writing, and reading skills. My daughter really enjoys spending time with Chloe. Many thanks!

Parent of Year 5 Child, London

My daughter's self confidence has definitely improved! With her thinking patterns, she's more willing to explore alternatives and she calms down much faster. She is also able to talk about her feelings more! Parent of Year 4 Child, Yorkshire

My child has learnt to be more observant towards is actions and his emotions but still needs reminding that he has the skills to work through this on his own. He is responding to his feelings and we frequently name it to tame it at home. He has become more aware of himself and what he needs to do differently. We have really focused on the celebrating the things he is doign well! Thank you chloe for all the support! Parent of Year 4 Child, Switzerland


Chloe is providing great support to my two children with the coaching to increase their confidence in a very clever way. She explains really well, shares great techniques and provides good material to work on every week for my children to continue to be challenged and develop their independence, creativity and confidence. Parent of Year 2 & 3 Child, London


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