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Meet the Team

Meet the two passionate and driven educators that will be supporting your child on their Mind Station Journey.




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Hello, I am Chloë, a passionate adventurer, teacher, and coach, who loves working with children from all corners of the earth. My educational experience spans across three continents and I am now on a mission to help children to grow in confidence and to believe in themselves more.

Meeting a child in their own learning journey is incredibly important to my own teaching & coaching philosophy. Through uncovering their own identities & strengths, children feel more understood, heard, and accepted. I believe these steps are the crucial building blocks to build a child’s self-belief. My lively teaching style incorporates enthusiasm, energy, encouragement, empathy, and creativity. As a wildly curious and innovative individual, I always use open-ended questions to empower a child’s independent thinking to inspire them to come up with their own lightbulb moments.  


 Mind Station is a collaborative, non-prejudiced approach focused on redefining the human connection in education. Through spreading my passion for learning,  I am here to ignite your child’s EQ and empower the next generation! 



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Hello, I am Ally, an empathetic and optimistic educator with a zest for life. I have taught in the SEN and mainstream environments and have drawn on this varied experience in developing my approach to education. 

Teaching is fundamental to who I am, and I've combined my love of storytelling, coaching techniques and multi-sensory activities to enrich the learning experience for children. I am on a mission to bring learning to life, and one of the ways to do this is through holistic schooling. In addition, I seek to empower children with self-awareness and give unheard voices a platform to feel understood.
Cognitive education is at the heart of my practice, and I coach children to think about their thinking. My formal education, experience and certifications in learning interventions such as RAVE-O (reading) and CEA (Cognitive Enrichment Advancement) have given me a deep understanding of childrens' learning barriers. Utilising meaningful developmental and positive psychology insights, I aim to give children the tools to problem-solve using their unique strengths!

What Our Clients Say

About Chloë & Ally

"This dynamic duo are focused and playful and really take the time to get to know your child. They arrive prepared, energised and make work feel like play for your child. They work according to your child’s strengths and foster a calm work environment through their mindfulness and confidence coaching skills. Chloe and Ally are truly amazing!
We are so lucky to have found Alex and Chloe, they are true gems! Our daughter has been particularly nonchalant about her learning, after struggling with long school closures in our Asian home country, but we were amazed by her enthusiasm for their classes from day one. She instantly adored them and has remained engaged by all of her sessions since. They are kind and patient, with a real understanding of her needs, and an ability to tailor the lessons to a learning style that truly suits her. They have already done wonders for her in such a short space of time and have constantly surpassed any expectations we had with their above and beyond attitude- we all couldn’t be happier."