Meet Our Characters

" I wake it's a new day, what will come we will see but all the way I'll know I have, Piko, Ava, Harv & Vee! "


Meet Piko, the Pre-Frontal Cortex

My job is to reason, problem-solve, comprehend, create and self-regulate. I would like to help your child independently think and find solutions to everyday problems. I can empower your child to become a better decision-maker and I also teach them that empathy strengthens their own human connections.


Meet Ava, the Amygdala

I am the home of our emotions and feelings; my job is to signal, process and protect. I would like to help children navigate their fight, flight and freeze responses. Ultimately teaching them about their mind-body connection. In addition, steering children towards naming their sensations. Finally, giving them a safe space to express themselves and let off steam.


Meet Harv, the Hippocampus

My job is to store, retrieve and connect our memories. I would like children to know that the more connections and links you make in the learning environment, the more meaning you create! I believe we all experience the world differently. Your senses are the information hub that is the first step in processing this information. I would like to create positive memories of the learning experience, which results in overall confidence and enjoyment. 


Meet Vee, the Visual Cortex

I am the mind's eye! My job is to help children visualise their success through developing their sense of self and by bringing their ideas alive. I would like children to achieve goals in their learning and life by giving them the tools of mindfulness and reflection. Also, to see their unique strengths as a superpower!