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Meet the Characters

Introducing the Brain Team - our friendly and interactive squad are ready to help support your child with their social, emotional and cognitive needs.


Meet Piko, the Prefrontal Cortex

My job is responsible for everything from thinking to decision-making to social interaction.

Think of me as the CEO of your brain. I am the boss that keeps everything in check, making sure all my friends are working together like a well-oiled machine. Whether you're studying for an exam or trying to make a tough decision, I am here to help you stay focused, self-regulated and on track with my interactive tools and games.


Meet Ava, the Amygdala

My job is responsible for your emotional responses. Whether you're feeling happy, sad or angry, I am here to help you process your feelings and help you react accordingly. I am always here to help you in times of crisis! You can think of me as a superhero sidekick. When you're faced with a scary or dangerous situation, I spring into action and protect you with my fight, flight and freeze responses.


Meet Harv, the Hippocampus

My job is responsible for your memory and learning. You can think of me as your own personal assistant, helping you to remember all the important details in your life. From your first time walking to your favourite song, I am here to help you store and retrieve your memories. That's not all I can do, I am also in charge of processing new information. I am like a sponge for new knowledge, soaking up everything from new vocabulary to a new language for years to come! 


Meet Vee, the Visual Cortex

I am the mind's eye and my job is responsible for helping you see and process all the beautiful sights around you. You can think of me as your own personal art gallery, filled with all the amazing images you see everyday. I am also responsible for your imagination and creativity! I can help you dream up new ideas and envision future achievements.  So the next time you find yourself daydreaming, give thanks to me as I help you bring your goals to life!

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