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Our Mission & Vision

We're on a mission to globally educate and empower both children and parents, helping to transform anxious mindsets into confident and resilient ones. We believe understanding our minds opens up opportunities for personal growth and helps navigate life's challenges. Together, we work towards a brighter future where individuals can boldly confront obstacles and embrace their strengths.

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Founders Story


Hello, I'm Chloë, a qualified teacher, coach & founder of Mind Station Coaching. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to empowering children and parents by fostering emotionally resilient mindsets.


My journey began in a primary classroom, facing challenges with anxiety, comparison to others, low self-belief, and an unrecognised ADHD diagnosis until 2023. Through personal exploration in early adulthood, including CBT and mindset coaching, I transformed my anxious mindset into one that's courageous, resilient, and self-aware, ready to help empower others.

As a Primary School Teacher, I observed children dealing with similar struggles, motivating me to empower young minds one-on-one, especially neurodivergent individuals, within the education system who struggle to keep up with the crowd.

In 2020, I founded Mind Station Coaching, a mission-driven company that integrates coaching, positive psychology, neuroscience, and teaching methods to nurture personal growth and foster emotional resilience for children and parents. My impact now spans across four countries, and together, we can create a long-lasting change.


Meet The Team

Our team, driven by our commitment to create a positive impact, will deliver exceptional service, unwavering support, and heartfelt encouragement throughout your family's journey at Mind Station.

Our Partners

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